Samsung Laptop adapters


  • Brand:SAMSUNG 
    Model No:48W-SA03
    Specification:SAM 14V-3A
    Replacement For: SCV420108 and BN44-00058A
  • Brand: SAMSUNG 
    Model No: 65W-SA01
    Specification: SAM 19V-3.15A
    Replacement For:Samsung Sens 630 Series
  • Brand: SAMSUNG 
    Model No:65W-SA02
    Specification:SAM 16V-3.75A
    Replacement For:Samsung NoteMaster 486S/25N
  • Brand: SANSUNG 
    Model No:90W-FJ03
    Specification:DC 19V-4.22A
    Replacement For:FUJITSU FMV-AC314
  • Brand: SAMSUNG 
    Model No: 90W-SA04
    Specification:SAM 19V-4.74A
    Replacement For:Samsung A10, Samsung P10
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